Whether it’s been happening for years, or a more recent trend within the fitness industry, it cant be argued that the culture of gym hoping is on the incline and one of the inspirations behind the crete ofthis blog review site in the first place. But what is it?

Well after givng this some thought we would like to define the act of gym hopping, or a gym hopper,

”gym hoppoer; a fitness enthusiast who likes to challenge themselves by brde their horzons, training in new fitness fscilitis and meeting new like minded people”

is more often tahn not a fitness industry enthusiast who loves their chosen discipline, is fariyl expereinced and confident in what they do, is probably a memeber of a gym/club, but will on occassion want to venture outside of the confides of their regular training habitat for a change of training environemnt. this will only be now and again, almsot as a treat to the indivudial, who will jump from one place to another the odd time, always regulalry returning to their ‘home ground’. This to us is what we mean by the term Gym Hopper! 🙂


So what do we at Gym Hopper NI hope to achieve from our blog/review site? What is our Mission?…well the premise is simple, we wish to provide what we would like to call a ‘win-win service’ within the Fitness Industry. 


Primarily we want to provide a service to the Gym Hoppers out there, someone who wants to check out a new gym or training facility. We both welcome and encourage this behaviour as we believe it’s a healthy trait for any fitness enthusiast to embrace as you’re not only improving yourslf physically, but mentally by moving outside your comfort zone, into new surroundings, meeting new like minded people, experiencing new atmospheres, developing new friendships, and learning off others with a similar interest or passion in what you do.


On the flip side of the Hop (you see what I did there?lol)…we believe we provide a service to the gyms and training facilities we review, showcasing what we have to offer in this great country of ours, hopefully revealing new gym gems for your next hop, that otherwise you would have been oblivious to!


Empire Gym, Newtownabbey

The inspiration between concept to fruition, this gym holds a special place in Gym Hopper Ni's heart, hence why it has pride of place on our website and was our first blog/review. Click the button below to see why...


1st February 2023


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